Unfinished Thought 

Deep underneath the ocean, where things disappear and silence shakes the waves, there is a village of horror. Sharp barring teeth bite down and blister, pain erupts. I’m slipping away and I wonder what would have happened if I had just made something little different. Down here, things are dragged around and left for dead. Down here, nothing is put to rest properly. Up here, everything looks much smaller now. People roam the streets unknowingly. They’re all stupid. They could learn if they chose to but no one likes to hear the truth. I step closer to the ledge.
His voice is strong and angry, but underneath I hear land mines being set off as each of his words get more shaky and bloody and vicious. I’m begging him to stop and he acts like I didn’t say anything. The door slams, the house shakes, the puzzle of my composure rattles inside me, something’s still not in place. I close my eyes and when they open I am falling, falling, falling, fa